Giving unwanted concrete new life.

Building demolition can cause lots of unwanted concrete and rubble. Instead of throwing it all away, bring it to Total Recycling, where we use it to create new materials for construction. You can be sure that any and all concrete brought to us will be used in some capacity, decreasing waste and improving the environment in the process.

A good use for asphalt debris.

When you finish breaking up asphalt on roads, parking lots, or driveways, don’t throw it away in a dump! Bring it to us at Total Recycling, where we take that asphalt debris and turn it into recycled blacktop. By doing this, asphalt waste goes down and the environment benefits from less raw material taking up space in a landfill.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

If you have concrete, asphalt, or other debris that needs to be taken care of, but can’t make it to our facility, don’t worry. We offer excellent portable crushing services, meaning that you won’t have to bring heavy, large pieces to us. As long as you are in our service radius, we can come to you and crush any rubble onsite.

Offering environmentally friendly products.

At Total Recycling Corp, we use your unwanted materials to make a variety of products that are useful, environmentally friendly, and will save you money in the long run. Among the products we make are the following:

Recycled Crushed Aggregate Products

Crushed Slag Products

Structural Fill


Mulch Products

Engineered Fill

Recycled Concrete

Recycled Blacktop

And More!